Sunday, June 13, 2010

The great carry on bag experiment

The challenge: spend a month in Greece with all you can pack in one carry-on bag. Nine cities in 28 days. Two weeks on an island. One carry-on.

In theory, it's brilliant. Simplify. No lost bags. No jet-lagged waiting at the luggage carousel. Rent the smallest car you can get; all the luggage will fit.

It certainly goes against type. Ater all, an entire brand was built around the American Tourister. Greek-American Tourister? Double it!

Still, this should not be too tough. It's a hot country. What more would each of us need than a couple pair of shorts, a few tee shirts, a bathing suit, a half-dozen undies, and running clothes?

Theory? Meet practice. Rain coat? No. Regular shampoo? No. Sunscreen? Buy it there. Extra sports-coat for Athens business meetings? Yes. Half-dozen books for the rising third-grader? Yes. American Girl doll with accessories? No. Travel guides? Kindle for iPad!

Final tally: we each maxed out. Four wheeled carry-ons, four 'hand-bags' (of varying shapes and sizes). (Yes, Kyri, that's Daddy's extra shirt in your roller bag....)


  1. What does your handbag look like, Bill?

  2. Bill - why do you need to worry about shampoo??

    -- Stu