Saturday, July 3, 2010

Channeling the Gods

A Play in One Act

Setting: A stone structure on the shores of the Aegean (never mind the swimming pool)

Cast: Annika Antholis as Zeus, Athena, and Artemis; Kyri Antholis as Aphrodite; Laurel Charles as Persephone; Jeannean Carver as Poseidon. Special appearances by the inflatable crocodile pool toy and by Laurel's favorite stuffed dog.

Plot: Poseidon captures Aphrodite. Artemis turns herself into a crocodile and saves Aphrodite. Poseidon captures Persephone. The dog Totero distracts Poseidon. Zeus, who is awoken from a nap, comes to save Persephone.

Result: Two days of preparation (kudos to Jeannean), and five minutes of belly-busting laughter.

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