Friday, July 2, 2010

Waiting for Tom Hanks

The routine is pretty rough here.

Wake up. Go to espresso machine. Make espresso. Stumble out to pool, patio.

Drink coffee. Stare at perfect sea. Stare at perfect sky. Feel 9 am sunshine on face.

Turn to the left. Stare up at Tom Hanks sprawling villa. Look for some sign of life.

After failing to see some sign of life, finish coffee and dive in pool.

Crawl out of pool and onto lounge chair. Bake in sun.

Wake up from lounge chair. Remember to put on sun screen. Return to espresso machine.

Go back to step one. Mid-day, replace espresso with ouzo-ade.

Try not to let the frolicking kids interrupt a good poolside nap.

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